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Who We are

We are a landscape design and build studio based in Dallas, TX. We specialize in residential garden renovations and enhancements, providing custom landscape design services and complete installation.


A garden is a sanctuary where you should feel safe, uplift your mood, and relax your senses by being connected with nature.  There is also an undeniable physical benefit if you love gardening,  that can help improve your overall well-being.


Our goal can only be achieved by understanding your outdoor needs, lifestyle, and expectations of your new space. 

From there, we are just here to guide you by giving you the best design options and curating the best garden elements while keeping in line with your budget.


Our commitment is to deliver a fully installed garden that you can be proud of and enjoy with your loved ones.


Our honest mission is to strive for your full satisfaction with the work we provide. From the initial consultation up to the final installation process, we pay close attention to every detail and we are committed to excellence.

Our landscape design and installation services also include:

  • Outdoor lighting 
  • Water features
  • Irrigation
  • Hardscape structures  like pergolas, fire pits, fireplaces, stone patios and pathways 
  • Seasonal planting
Our residential landscape design and build service not only serves the Dallas – Fort Worth are, but extends nationwide. 
javier bohorquez

Our lead designer, Javier Bohorquez, earned his bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from City University of New York.


Javier’s innate passion for design and nature has been the driving force behind his captivating work on prestigious residential landscape projects spanning The Hamptons, New York City, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Pennsylvania.


His legacy lies on his commitment  to deliver excellence in design, creating captivating landscapes that blend seamlessly with the essence of its surroundings.

Our Services

Landscape Design

We just don’t focus on designing beautiful gardens but sustainable landscapes that are easy to maintain.


Our landscape design services  are tailored to enhance your outdoor spaces, providing not just visual appeal but also functionality and sustainability.


Every relationship starts  by saying ‘Hello!’ 


We’re thrilled to arrange a free consultation to meet and discuss your vision. 


A contractual agreement is required for this service. 

Professional Landscape Installations

Attention to detail don’t stop once you have approved the landscape design.

Making sure your landscape installation is a success is at the top of our list!


Our installation team, with years of experience, is here to ensure that your new garden not only survives but thrives in the future.


Our mission is to ensure full satisfaction from the initial consultation up to the final installation process.


We are here to help you transform your ideas into reality.

Landscape Consultation

Embarking on a landscape project from square one?


Let us be your guiding light through every phase of the design journey. We will be happy to assist you planning your project.


We will provide you with conceptual design plans including hardscape, landscape, layout plans, irrigation, outdoor lighting, elevation drawings, and everything needed to complete your project.


Clients can also hire us to assist with the production of probable cost estimates for managing project budgets. This estimate of probable cost can be used also to evaluate and review bids from contractors.


A contractual agreement is required for this service.